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2019-09-11 11:22:39

Nicholas L. Maze


Publisher: Pearle Pages Publishing

Pages: 175

Over the past 4 books, we have grown with Marla Evans. From being a hard-working, corporate mom to eventually managing a staff of her own, Marla has had a taste of what a 9-to-5 has to offer. Now, Marla wants to be her own boss. In “The Entrepreneur”, we get to experience a role that most people would love to have. And that’s having your own business. Along with the freedom of being an entrepreneur, you better believe there is drama not too far away. This time around, it won’t just be Marla facing the trials of life. Who can forget all that Marla’s sister, Diane has been through in the past few books? What about Tina’s rocky relationship and the Queen of troublemaking, Angie? Well, it doesn’t stop there. To add to the entertaining cast of White Collar Woman, you are about to experience some individuals that will cause you to shout! It is important to remember that everyone ...

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