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2019-05-21 09:12:03

GasanMamo employees playing beer goggle football.

Teams and teamwork have become a central part of the corporate world and are vital in any working company to make the organisation a better place to work. It goes a long way in cultivating professional relations, understanding and collaboration, and undeniably this is replicated in the quality of work being done.

GasanMamo, one of Malta’s leading insurance companies, believes that team building contributes towards staff members being more inspired, self-assured and trustworthy, resulting in an increase in productivity and efficiency.

Earlier this month several GasanMamo employees gathered on a Sunday afternoon at the Ta’ Qali Park to try two new sports: arrow tag and beer goggle football. The successful event was organised by the company’s social activity group and was undoubtedly another good example of team building aimed at improving communication between employees.

Those who participated in the arrow tag enjoyed the session to the full as  throughout the course of the competition every team member battled across the arrow tag game variation. Moreover, they were all impressed at how safe and fun archery can be. Likewise, those who played beer goggle football were overwhelmed by the new, revolutionary and fun game.

For this game, employees wore goggles that either make the ball seems 10 times closer or 10 time further away. After the two enjoyable events, the employees ended the afternoon by having a picnic and relishing the nature.

A company spokesperson said that GasanMamo believes that such initiatives were another way to facilitate bonding among team members, reduce stress, and give them the chance to get to know each other outside the office environment.

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