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2019-05-21 10:16:23

Demolition and excavation works will not be permitted within tourism areas during the summer months, the Planning Authority said.

It said in a statement on Tuesday the initiative it was spearheading the initiative together with the Malta Tourism Authority (MTA) and the Building Regulation Office (BRO).

The initiative enforces legal notice 295/07, which aims to mitigate the nuisance construction sites have on the tourism industry and Maltese families.

Any illegal excavation and demolition work carried out between June 15 and September 30 in the identified localities and streets, may be reported to the BRO on tel: 2292 7608 (during office hours) or 9963 7508 (after office hours).

The full list of localities and streets where demolition or excavation works are prohibited during the summer months may be viewed here. 

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