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2019-06-10 18:25:05

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PN leader Adrian Delia said his future was not discussed in a two-and-a-half hour parliamentary group meeting.

Nationalist Party leader Adrian Delia insisted that his future at the helm was neither on the agenda nor raised during a parliamentary group meeting held this afternoon at the party headquarters in Pieta.

However, he said that the group would be meeting again for as many times as needed, starting on Tuesday, in order to decide on how the PN should move ahead following last month’s electoral setback.

The meeting which lasted two-and-half hours was the first one in almost two months.

“We will meet again until we come out united in our will, so that every one of us will know who, how and what needs to be done, and I must be convinced that everyone has this will,” he said in comments to the media which gathered outside the party headquarters.

Sources said that towards the end of the meeting De Delia asked those present if they intended to contest the next general election under the party ticket. This move raised eyebrows in the wake of the PN leader’s recent comments on #TimesTalk that he was not entirely happy with the group of MPs at his disposal.

However, due to the fact that the first hour was dedicated to a Bill for the setting up of the Office for the State Advocate, which was due to be debated a few hours later in Parliament, there was not enough time to go into further detail and the meeting was inconclusive, sources said.

MŻPN report

Asked for his reaction to the MŻPN report on the current state of the party, at the end of the meeting Dr Delia said he would be holding talks with the youth wing's president Joe Grech on Tuesday to discuss its contents.

He added that he looked forward for a “serene” meeting to analyse areas for improvement while noting that youths had a crucial role to play in the changes which the party needed to make.

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